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Electronic Article Surveillance System Integration
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System Integration


Many retailers now rely on a mixture of technology and in-store security staff to address the problem of theft. ADT is at the forefront of that technology. We have completed and designed integrated state-of-the art surveillance system that watches shoplifters’ every move. We have the solutions that can reduce losses and improve product flow along the entire supply chain.

In addition to Electronic Article Surveillance we have a range of security products that can be integrated to provide the ultimate security solution.

By combining systems such as Electronic Article Surveillance, POSEM (point of sale exception monitoring), CCTV, Datamining, Intruder Alarms and Access Control, we can provide retailers with a total customised solution.

With our comprehensive package of systems we can provide effective solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Integrated Security Solutions that Protect Your Store and Improve Efficiency

To find out how we can help your store minimize loss and increase profit, contact us for a complimentary site survey by one of our trained security professional.

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